Bundle 002 - Mixed 3D/2D Batch Thumbnailing Techniques

Stephane Richard
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Environment Design Part 01: 3D thumbnails

In this first part of a series on environment design, we'll cover the basics 3D techniques I use to sculpt terrains in zbrush and scout for interesting virtual locations to render in keyshot. We'll discuss how camera placement, focal length and lighting can be used as creative composition tools to generate quick 3D thumbnails for later refining in photoshop (to be covered in part 02).

All techniques presented are broad creative tricks that should easily translate to any 3D package. This is not an introduction to zbursh or keyshot: Some basic knowledge of this 2 softwares can help but isn't mandatory in order to grasp the general concept of virtual locations sculpting and shooting.

More examples on https://www.artstation.com/artwork/m1daa


  • 1 hour real time tutorial showing the process of sculpting and rendering 20+ different 3D thumbnails from the same mesh.
  • All source files (zbrush and keyshot files)
  • Final renders
  • Bonus sculpting and rendering process video with no audio
  • Bonus source files (zbrush and keyshot files

Environment Design Part 02: ColorThumbnails from 3D

This tutorial covers cutting edges photoshop techniques to color B&W thumbnails and generate many color options in a short amount of time. 


  • 1h15 video with audio commentaries introducing to the base concepts
  • 1h30 full process sped 3x
  • 4 PSD containing each and every steps of the process
  • 1 PSD used in the base concepts video
  • 8K final sheet in JPG
  • Additonal presentation JPGs 

Basic License Agreement:

This is for educational purposes, do not reuse, print or redistribute the file or part of the file unmodified without the express written consent of Stephane Wootha Richard. For modified reuse, use proper credit.

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Bundle 002 - Mixed 3D/2D Batch Thumbnailing Techniques

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